About Us
Jiaxing City Jia?Qi Electronic Technology?Co.,?Ltd. is located in?the birthplace of the party?- South Lake,Website:http://www.jqcycle.com,?the beautiful scenery,adjacent to Shanghai,?Hangzhou,?Suzhou,?the traffic is very convenient. ?Jia Qi Electronics?Technology Co.,?Ltd. was established in 2001?February,?the development and application of?the company mainly?R & D and production?and sale of electric?tricycles and?electric bicycle controller,?MCU,?MCU?and?sales.?Jia Qi?is the earliest one of theproduction of electric cars?and?electric tricycle?controller manufacturers,?is also the domestic?electric cars and?electric tricycle?controller seriesvarieties of the most complete?of the manufacturers,?with annual sales of?up to 150000 units.?We have a product?development and design ability?strong,?and the?company by virtue of the rich?experience?accumulated over the years?in the industry of?electric vehicle controller,constantly?bring forth the new through the old.?2008 introduced?brushless?controller:?48V450W?and 48V500W,?the launch?on the market,won?the majority of customers of all ages.?At present,?in a number of provinces and cities?have?an agent.?Products are exported to India,France,?Germany,?Sri Lanka,?Italy and other countries.?In 2007 the?US?and Taiwan?customers to jointly develop?the?single?ring?curtain doorcontroller,?products are exported?America.
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Electric Bicycle Controller?Electric Scooter Controller?Electric Tricycle Controller?E Bike Motor?Electric Vehicle Display ?E Bike Brake?E Bike Throttle